I'm starting to figure out my new WR450, but I've noticed a couple of strange things about it.

First - the exhaust baffle wasn't with the bike. (Does my dealer know me all too well and take it out?)

Second - I've pulled intake baffles out of other bikes, and I can't find one in mine. (Was it already removed? Anybody got any pictures?)

Third - I compared the throttle operation on mine to a 93 YZ450... and coudn't tell any difference in amount of rotation. About 90 degrees. I then walked over and grabbed the throttle of a 93 WR450 in the showroom, and it felt like an eighth of a turn, why isn't mine like that? (Did somebody already change the throttle stop screw in mine?) (I wonder if my dealer DOES know me too well)


He sold you a used one!!!

That’s my thoughts also. Maybe it was sold, then moded for the new owner, and then the deal fell through

My dealer did all those thing too except the air box intake.

We've known each other since 7th grade (I'm 37 now) and yes, he knows me all too well!

I bet you are in a similar situation.

The air box "junk piece" can be removed but it takes a little effort.

Actually, that's not likely.

I've known the dealer forever, and they had the bike coming in specifically for me. I also saw the crate come in, but didn't see it getting assembled.

The guy that usually assembles the bikes is a very good buddy, and I don't want him to get in trouble by me asking.

Do any other 2004 owners have 90-degree rotation on the throttle, stock?

And the snorkel, hell, I don't see what's there I could rip out.

Thanks! :)

Is it a canadian model there is no throttle stop or air box cover on them. But by the description of the pipe doesnt sound like it is.

The guy that usually assembles the bikes is a very good buddy, and I don't want him to get in trouble by me asking.

The throttle rotation issue is due to the throttle stop which limits the stocker to half throttle. In your case they either took it out (not the best idea), cut it down, or replaced it with a stock YZ piece.

The snorkel is a snorkel-like air intake that protrudes up slightly from the airbox lid. Not sure about the 450, but on the 426 you could remove the snorkel alone or the entire airbox lid (like 99% of WR owners do).

Ask your buddy what happened to the cork, cover, and stop.

Hope this helps.

Ahhh, good call on the Canadian thing. I thought they had a different exhaust entirely (Euro style)?? Do they still have different tires? That'd be the easiest way to check...

yep the exhaust is totaly diffrent then the US but the same as euro's(pipe is totaly sealed), not sure about the tires but i know mine came with dunlop 739's which i did not like.

"04 WR 450 exhaust is the same as the U.S. model so that is no longer a determining factor. I don't know about the rubber though. WR Dave.

Thanks for the help, guys.

That might explain things. No exhaust insert, YZ throttle screw, (or at least YZ throttle rotation range) and it came with 739s front and rear.

Still not sure about the no snorkel... I'll have to look again. It does have two square nostril type things, but I can't see how I could yank it out without breaking the box. It all looks like one piece.

Maybe it is a Canada model. (?)

Liquidsilver, PM me your e-mail address. I have some pics and a description on how I modded my stock Euro/Canadian muffler. WR Dave.

Will do! Thanks a million!


I walked into the dealership and found the guy that puts bikes together... and I asked him kinda quietly... "Pssst, hey did you put a short throttle screw in the bike and pull the exhaust and intake baffles?" Hey says, "no." Then he yells across the shop to another mechanic, "Hey, xxx! Didn't you put together John's WR? You forgot to give him the intake and exhaust baffles!"

:D So much for cloak & dagger, eh? :D

The guy also shortened the throttle stop screw to YZ length for me, before even asking!

Like I thought before, these guys must just know me too well!


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