2012 Brute force 750 4x4i


Pick up this bike this weekend, leftover from last year. Getting pretty good deal. Will I enjoy this bike?



Indeed you will.

Yes you will ! Wicked torquey. It has straight up brute force, get it?lol. I ride with a few Guys that have them. We swap out from time to time and I have always had a blast on one. Wheelie machine! Even with 28's or 29's it will impress you. If your not into mud hit the trails with the stockers and when its time look into some 27 or 28" big horns.

If you like mud , these bikes can turns some seriously large and agressive tires. Your wallets the limit! Enjoy.

This coming from a Honda Atv man, and Yamaha/Honda mx man. Been that way forever.

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