Kehin Carb Question

Bike wasn't running just right so am cleaning the carb. i can see light through all the openings where jets go except one. In the pic, its the one just to the right of where the float needle sits. I've shined a flashlight into the carb bore and like I said, I can see light in them all except that one. Can't seem to get any carb cleaner through it either.

Is it just an opening that allows air into the inner part of the body of the carb or what? I can insert a small strand of wire into it and it goes deeper than the 'bowl' that is visible in the pic, so it seems to be open, but I'm not sure.



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You will melt internal rubber parts.

There is nothing to the right of the float needle seat in your picture.

The passage above the pilot jet, the pilot jet, and choke and hot start plungers and cavities are the trouble spots.

Always use a new pilot jet, don't clean it.

Somehow the pic got turned horizontal....the opening closest the spot where the float needle goes is where I was asking about. Its above it in the horizontal pic.

So if I shouldn't use carb cleaner, what should I use? Just compressed air and a small wire?

BTW...I put in a new PJ but it didn't fix it....hence my attempt to clean. Wish I were home now so I could flush it out with gas to get rid of residual carb cleaner. Damn....


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That is where the starter/enricher jet goes. Blow compressed air through it, it goes into the carb throart and you get some out where the plunger resides.

When re-assembling, be sure to reinitialize the slide, ensuire the release plate is in square side down, reset the AP per the manual and that the TPS is set according to the book. Do not go by 'marks' or 'how it looks'.

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