Do you treat boots like helmets?

I recently overshot a jump and the impact caused me to dislocate my ankle, break multiple bones, and tendons tore completely from the bones. Having surgery number 2 tomorrow.

I was wearing basically brand new sidi crossfire srs boots. The doctors all have told me my ankle rolled to the side and buckled. I agree with them as the dislocation was nasty and definitely looked like a sideways shift and not a hyperextention like you would expect an ankle injury to be in that type of force.

Anyway I know if you take a good impact to your head its time to retire that helmet, the foam is compromised it did its job. Is it the same with boots? It flexed in such a way to allow that much damage I know with lots of materials once you make it flex once like that it only gets easier after that.

Any opinions?

Not really sure. I think with boots they are (or should be) able to hold up to numerous hard hits. I'd check them out to be sure no stitching or anything tore in the boots. IMO the should be just fine to use again.

I'm kinda surprised you didnt have to have the boot cut off, that's what it seems like they do with most leg injuries with boots on.

Good luck with your recovery!

I wrestled them off before I went to the ER. It was not pleasant but I knew they would cut them off and it was still going to be painful so I just did it. Someone at the track urged me onto do it he deserves the credit for making me take the boot off. He helped more than i can say. Really great. But with how dislocated it was and ridiculously swollen it was a bear getting it off. MX boots are tight enough normally so im sure you can imagine it wasn't fun.

Yeah I bet. It would've been alot worse if you waited most likely because it would've contained the swelling. You made the right choice. I remember when I broke my arm the 2nd time it was a pain in the butt just removing my elbow guards

i can imagine the elbow guard as well even your jersey was probably no fun.

Injuries just plain aren't fun which is why im looking for second opinions about this. My buddy thinks I should replace them. I tend to agree. Was by far the most pain ive been in. It was excruciatingly bad even hours after. I realize injuries are part of the risk when riding but minimizing them is the goal as well.

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I lost brand new alpinestars that way. Broken knee and ankle waited to get home before taking it off. They cut them off. Made it more painful seeing them destroyed.

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