Best years for the Yz 125?

Hey guys ima be getting a yz 125 soon (hopefully before june) and want to buy a used one, because my dad wants to get it from a dealer and pay monthly. I honestly think its too much money. Anyways, are 02,03,04, yz 125s any different from the newer ones? Also are they worth the investment buying them used? Thnx

They have the 5 speed tranny over the 6 which I cannot stand. I personally would steer away from it for that very reason. They are still great bikes, that is just a personal prefernece

However, many other people love them! So I would say if you could get it for the right price. I would not hesitate!

Any YZ is a great bike and worth the investment.

Yes they are alot different Steel Frame vrs Alum Frame and the 06 has alot better suspenssion . From 06 to current they are pretty much the same

I love my 02, and the 5 speed. I'm not a racer, and I'm used to it. I can vouch for the older bikes, I think they are great. I've never had an aluminum frame bike, I've heard they are stiff, but then again at my speed it wouldn't likely make a difference. If it's well mantained I would not hesitate to buy an older bike. If you are going to go newer 2006 was the major suspension upgrade, and from what I hear it's worth it. 05 was the first year of the aluminum frame, not a selling point imo. So between 02-04 they are pretty much the same, 06-13 are pretty much the same.

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