Funny Silencers on Bikes?

Im wondering if anyone has ever made a custom silencer such as a trumpet or flute attached to the end of a exhaust pipe? I have a 250 2 stroke and wondering if i can do something like that to make it sound funky haha. I would be interested in the sound it would make. Post a pic if u have any cool custom exhaust systems, or just comment!

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Ya you should use a tuba. Send pics while riding with it.


a couple of weeks ago I saw a husky with a car muffler on Ebay!


hmm.. :shocked:

I love how many times he fails at doing a burnout in that video

I love how many times he fails at doing a burnout in that video

I think he needs bigger pipes!

Just duct tape a duck call to the end of your silencer, should be pretty funny and insanely annoying.

I don't know if they sell them anymore, but JC Whitney used to sell tailpipe whistles. We bought several and unleashed them on folks we didn't like :)

took a broom handle and crammed it way up in the had tabs to keep it from coming back out. Everywhere ya went, people heard ya coming and going

pretty much takes a torch to get it out

Check this out :smirk:


like this

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