New to TT and new to my 04 RMZ 250

Just joined thumpertalk to get some advice on my new bike i just picked up. I just got an 04 RMZ 250 and it seems like it has some issues, doesnt seem major but i would like to get it running better. only modification it has is the back half exhaust and i just replaced the air filter. anyways the bike seems to run great i have put about 10 hours on it since i got it but i noticed oil is leaking out of this thick black tube by the swing arm. the bike was filthy when i got it, covered in oil, so i dont think the guy maintained it that well. i have cleaned the carb and replaced the air filter. after doing that bike starts way easier and idles better. especially when hot. Do the jets need to be changed cause exhaust? Valve need adjusting probably lol..why is it leaking oil?

ok lets try this again..

Hi everyone Im new to Thumpertalk and to my 04 RMZ-250. This is my first 4 stroke...

The bike has been running great for the meanwhile but i have a feeling it might go out if i dont figure out the problems. The bike is hit and miss. Somedays it starts fine and some days its a pain in my a**. Even when its hot it is hit and miss.. Cleaned the carb very well (btw He had the fuel screw turned all the way down, idk if he is trying to compensate for the jets. The exhaust is changed halfway back) put the fuel screw back to 2 turns out. Also put in a new air filter. It seems to start alot better after that but will stall some times if i stop and try to let it idle. It was stalling worse before i change the fuel screw 2 turns out. My question is why does it leak oil from the tube by the swing arm? Im pretty dam sure it shouldnt be leaking this much oil haha

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