1986 XT350 Carbs Fixed so far!

After having issues with my bike dieing only in the dirt I solved part of the problem yesterday. I broke the tabs off that holds the float pin and float..I almost puked and my heart fell out my ass..LOL!

$658 bucks New at Yamaha = Holly Crap! Just so happens we have a cycle salvage intown and he had a couple pairs of carbs. $160 bucks and a used front cowel $5.00. I was in heaven!

Put it together today and my buddy was looking at the original carbs and wanted to put the old jet on the new set of carbs but it was smaller and Not the correct size jet put on by Yamaha It was .20 and the new jet was .25 the correct size...Plus the fuel mixter was turned out five and half turns Not 2 to 2 1/2 like it stats in the manual. Fired right up and let me tell you it's a whole different bike. Wheel up in third gear!!

The Big Test is to see how she does in the dirt. Will post after I do it and see if all this crap has solved my issues.

Chris. :thumbsup:

Edited by willphish4food

"Wheel up in third gear!!"

Sounds good , so far . ;)

All good. Bike flew through the dirt today without dieing. Climbed a few steep hills without a problem. Time to ride again! :thumbsup:

Chris. :worthy:

Excellent . ;)

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