KX500 and a RM250 out for some fun!

Couple of mates went out riding with out me and they gave me this footage to make me jealous :(

(bit of single track after the wheel stands)

Looks like you need some new friends.

Deja Vua anyone? that background looks so familar to an older video I watched years ago.

Probably one of my older vids, one were the friends did not leave me at home.

This place is one of the only wide open places we have found to ride were we don't bother any one, every were else we have found you have to ride round and round on a track getting dizzy.

another 2 weeks and I will get out there again mmmmmmmm 100 square km of nothing but dirt :)

"... 100 square km of nothing but dirt :) ..."

You sir are a very lucky man!

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