Old guy motard?

Hi All

New to the forums - and with a conundrum. Hoping for some assistance.

I'm getting on (around 50) and want something to ride with mates on the weekend. I had an interstate licence (this is in Australia) that expired over 20 years ago. That means there's restrictions on what I can ride (classed as a learner). Having said that, the range of bikes allowed could be much worse.

I have done a fair amount of research, but nothing beats first-hand knowledge. Although I have only owned dirt bikes in the past or dual purpose eg Suzuki PE 400, Honda XL 500, Yamaha XT 500 to name a few (been riding since Honda Z50 days though) . . . all these probably sound like museum pieces these days - being realistic, motard bikes might be the way to go. I feel comfortable in the riding position and like big singles.

Because of the learner restrictions and the option to upgrade to anything after the learner time (18 months) I want to go second hand. Some I have looked at include: Husky SM610 '05 model with about 6k miles on it, KTM 640 SM with about 7k miles also 05 model, XR 400 with motard wheels and 3k miles to give some examples. All street legal here. Other options - happy to hear about.

My question is - do I go all out and get either the KTM or Husky (with opinion on either if you have one) or ease into it on the XR? HELP!!!

What do you think about the drz400? They are inexpensive and have a huge aftermarket following. You can make it as mild or wild as you like.

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Thanks for the tip - had a look at some reviews and they look to be a great bike. As I mentioned, I have been away from bikes for some time, so not too up on current models.

Bought a DRZ400SM which I pick up tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.

Nice choice. Post some pics up and also check out the drz400 section. You will find how big of a following the drz has.

Just got it home - I can see myself having a lot of fun on this bike. I will get some pics up soon as I can.

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