New valve time?

My right intake is at 0 clearance, both have 275 shims in them. Is that the end of life for a valve in a DRZ or will re-shimming last a significant amount of time?

I have never shimmed them before but I am guessing that they have been done once in the past? (stock shim seems to be 280-285?)


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double post

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No such thing as a stock shim size , they vary depending on the actual shim size required .

At the end of the day ... It's time to get the head reconditioned .

Only way to know is to track movement, as this is your first look (a bit late as it;s at zero, which accelerates wear tremendously) Get it back in spec, ride for a week or three and check again.

It moved.... or you get a no start and find zero clearance again,, valves are done

Cheers, ill get the shims tomorrow but I am sussing out parts for a rebuild.

Can prox / wiseco valves be used with stock springs?

Yea they can .

I used Wiseco valves on my bb stroker build .

Is it possible to use the Kw valves with stock springs?

I would not use KW valves ..period !!

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Is it possible to use the Kw valves with stock springs?

I wouldn't use KW products on a DRZ400 if the parts were supplied for free....

Do yourself a favour and Use all OEM or RHC (ferra) components...

Haha ok, I have found a cheap place for OEM parts so all sorted.


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