thoughts on amazon wr street legal kit?

You need to confirm that the parts in the TUSK kit are DOT enough to satisfy MD DOT. The kit does not modify your stator to float the ground nor is it 'plug N play'. The TUSK kits are universal kits that you will have to make work. RMATV and the TT store also sell the same kit.

So I'd be better off just going with a Baja design one or something comparable..?

My advice:

There's a reason why that kit has a lower price, and I imagine that is what attracted you to it.

Unless you will not bat an eye at having to "figure it out as you go along", get yourself a Baja Designs kit.

If all you want to do or expect to do is to simply bolt the parts on and plug in all of the wiring, get yourself a Baja Designs kit.

Each one I've used for my bikes has been practically painless.

I've used these on three different bikes while doing this in CT., and they are very much designed specifically for your model of motorcycle.

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If you decide to go with a Baja Designs kits just wanted to let you know we do offer TT members 10% off

Something to consider, is what does MD require to be street legal? Does MD require turn signals and how closely do they inspect your machine before you get a plate? If MD is loose with the rules, and maybe requires just a minimum, then you might be able to add a few components and call it complete.

I installed a Tusk wiring harness with some misc components for a buddy. The Tusk kit is fine if you were starting from scratch when a bike has no lights at all, which we were with his 450XC. Yeah, the kit worked and had all wiring and was semi-plug and play. We had to invent some connections for the headlight though. In MN, we don't need turn signals, so we skipped that part. The only thing I didn't like so much about the Tusk kit, was that it has a master on-off switch which is something else to break or short out someday. And, besides that, you have to turn the light system on & off every time you run the bike. If you added a relay, then the lights could be automatically on or off.

I have no experience with Baja Designs, but I would think they do a better job of plug and play specific to your machine.

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