2000 XR50 wont run good.

I just picked up a 2000 xr50 that has been sitting for about 3-4 years. i cleaned the carb and the gas tank TWICE, changed the fuel line, addded an inline fuel filter,new plug,cleaned and changed air box and filter ,etc.The problem now is that the bike dosent run good,when i give it gas from an idle speed it bogs and wants to shut off. also the flat head screw under the idle mixture screw doesnt do anything to the bike. also when i put in gear it just wants to take off doesnt sit like an automatic,could this be a clutch issue. what else could i try to make this little beast run better.i thought about cutting off the spark arrestor but wasnt sure if it would cure it or help.(it will only be used in the yard to follow my 4 year old or for him to ride). any good advice please let me know thanks.

Given the bike's history, it sure sounds like it's carb-related. It can be very difficult to get some of the smaller passages clean. Make sure there are no air leaks.

Are you sure you have the screws right? One screw will be on the centerline of the slide and is used to adjust idle speed. That screw will go into an angled slot on the slide and raise/lower the slide. The other will be the mixture screw. The mixture screw should have some effect. If not, take out the carb, remove the screw and blast out the passages from every directon.

Sometimes, these little bikes can be difficult to get tuned. I have an XR80 that will die if you open the throttle quickly from idle and hold it open. From an engine speed just above idle, it will be just fine. And if you roll on the throttle, it will be just fine. All the tuning in the world and a new carb won't get rid of it.

Make sure the clutch is adjusted properly.

Don't cut the spark arrestor. Remove the spark arrestor and clean the screen.

Might as well check the valves while you're at it.

Thanks for the response. I got her dialed in about perfect. i went home took the carb off the bike again went through it and cleaned it 1 more time put it back checked for intake leaks, none. tuned the carb alittle and she runs perfect. no hesitation nice and smooth. also i was told old engine oil will gum up the clutch and cause it to not sit still in gear so i channged the oil in the bike and now she will just sit and purr in gear. also i think a high idle could have been a colprit in that problem.

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