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When to not ride in a "big" group

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I just got back from a trip to this riding/staging area called Cactus Flats. Since I've got the plated bike, I met the rest of the gang there, they trucked in theirs, we ended up having me, Sean on my old KLR 250 he bought, Shawn on a Yamaha WR 250, Matt on a 225 2 stroke Honda and Scott on his dads 91 DRZ 350 that he just fixed up. We ended up having a blast! Took some double tracks (atv width 50 in) called "Vista" and "Pinion" to the main forest road and rode that all the way out to Rattlesnake canyon. Lots of deep sand, hard to keep the front tire going where ya try to point it! Scott had only rode about 10 times here and there but he is a crazy downhill mtn biker, so he did fine but looked pretty beat at the end. On the way back we explored some side routes and walked up part of this "trail" called Mottino Wash. It's one of the hardest trails for jeeps/trucks in the Big Bear area. This was the first time I got to see what it was all about! We only rode up to where it got reeeeallly rocky. Then it's sand and more huge rocks. I know we could get bikes through there (see the pictures) but with the washed out sandy + nasty sharp gigantic rocks are not really worth the effort. Plus these guys weren't up to the punishment. Funny, the much older guys I ride with (this group today was all in their early to mid 30's) are waaay faster and crazier, they would totally want to ride it, all out of shape n shit. I think that's one of the reasons I ride faster in general, those f-ers were always taking me places and all I had to do was keep up!

Don't know how many miles we did, probably only like 40, but it was a great day. Everyone rode really well, no dumps or drops. The pace was mellow with little challenges here and there, I did probably the hardest hill climb, no one else tried, haha, plus the weather was a bit cool. Hell of a time, even chatted up the Forest Service ranger that was down there, ticket book in hand, but he didn't give anyone any shit surprisingly. Nice guy.

The boys loaded their bikes and took off, I threw my leg over the XR and rode to the jeep trail that cuts off 10 minutes back to Big Bear. I hadn't rode with a larger group in a while, but this ride was great. It all comes down to who ya ride with right? A little chilly and windy on the way home but glad I got back. It kinda looks like rain, feels cold enough to snow with the wind chill. *it snowed the next morning* Pics below




Mottino Wash, one bike around the corner


The boys chatting over "boots"


Out for some scouting. Supposedly the trail is harder than "John Bull", but so far I haven't heard of anyone riding a bike through it....big rocks in sand. looks like a ball buster. I'll come back later....

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