KTM Clutch Slave Question?

i have Sx 250 and i ordered a brand new clutch slave for it... its a magura slave and the new one i received has a snap ring installed on it... my old one i took out had no snap ring at all but the clutch has never acted completely right which leads me to believe this could have beenpart of the problem. should i leave the snap ring on it when i install it?

Where is the snap ring installed?

pics of both would help narrow it down, also what year bike?

i installed it yesterday and everything seems to be workin good.. i installed it with the snap ring. i called a KTM shop and he said leave it on so the piston didnt come out of the slave.

it was a 99 KTM Sx 250 and the part number was superseded so it was little different but seems to work better thn ever

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