Race Fuel Question

We have a yz112 supermini and it has 14.5:1 compression. What type of gas do you guys recommend using. On our previous bikes we have mixed C12 with 94 pump gas 50/50. That worked well and the price was fair to do so. But will a 14.5:1 compression ratio be too high for straight C12? on VP's website it says C12 is designed for motors 15:1 and under. A close by store sells C14 but they want $130 for 5g. That is insane!

Anybody found a cheaper way than running the real expensive stuff? Like running C12 with octane boost etc.?

Also has anybody tried AV gas? I heard it burns great and is very cheap compared to race gas. But you have to run your jetting extremely lean?

Any info is appreciated. We spent a lot on this motor and don't want to blow it up... but don't want to pay $26 a gallon if at all possible! Thanks

FWIW ive always heard not to run AV gas. Many articles on this and other forums explain why. It is tempting i know, and a lot cheaper than VP's or Sunoco's fuels. Have you tried talking to VP? Maybe a person to person chat with their tech line would help. Also, have you looked at the race gas chart on their website? i believe it suggests one or several fuels for class/type, including AMA rule restrictions. FYI i get MS109 its reasonably priced, im not sure if it will work for your application.


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Straight C12 will work perfect for your bike, 100 LL isn't made for the revs or throttle response you're looking for

av gas is a great fuel. for modified 2 strokes.

but for your application, straight c12 should do the job perfectly. God i love that smell.

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So if I had a 105 cr85 that runs on race gas, I'v herd that if I put a lower octane gas in it, it wouldn't last very long. So basically if I were to start putting lower octane gas in it, what would I need to do?

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