buying today, have some ?'s

Hey guys (and gals)

I needed something lighter than my DL650 to take in the dirt, through the streams, up in the woods, etc. I was thinking DRZ400, but they were too tall, and $7000 is just too much for my 3rd bike...

The dealer near here is selling out their 2012 KLX250's at cost (so they say) to get the 2013's on the floor.They are asking $4399 (+tax, etc)

I have a few quesitons, thanks so much in advance for your help.

First off, is it a good deal? I want a new bike, so i know whats been done to it from day one (had issues in the past), so the "look for a decent used one" doesn't really apply here.

2) what does it need off the floor? Im thinking sw motech skid (recommendations?), some kind of hand guards (recommendations?), anything else right away? radiator guards perhaps?

any other insight would be great. ive never bought a brand new bike before so any break in advice, etc would be appreciated. thank you all so much. looking forward to joining the community of klx riders!

I bought my 09 in February '11 used for more than that. So that's a good price. I would suggest skid plate for sure. Possibly a rear luggage rack. Possibly a way to carry more fuel. Very small gas tank at 2.2 gal. I used a small Jerry can strapped to the luggage rack. This year I will be running rotopax as rear panniers. The ims tank only gives you 3 gal. So cheaper and more fuel with rotopax. I have been eyeing the HDB HAND GUARDS. I just put on a fmf q4 (issue with it heating up the signal. Will get flush mount signals when this one is shot.) also dropped to 13 tooth on the front sprocket. Love this bike. Bigger driver seat area than xt225. I'm 6'2" 165lbs. This bike is nice because its tallest in the 250 class other than the wr250. The KLx series has had an issue for not wanting to start cold. Rocking the bike side to side or drilling something or different main jets is supposed to help. But i haven't done those mods. Stock tires are descent. My next set will be metzler unicross. Original tires with more than 8200 KM. mostly street and gravel fsr's.

The new 13 Honda 230 and wr 250 are fuel injected. The KLx250s is carb but it does have liquid cooling compared to some of the others air cooled. Have you looked at the BETA's? Italian version of KTM.

I paid $5,160 OTD in CA for a 2012 KLX250S about 15-months ago. So that sounds like a good deal to me. Great bike too, you won't be disappointed.

Sounds like an ok deal, oh by the way......

hehehe shameless plug

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