2012-2013 number plate plastics - Removal/install

Need to change the number plate plastic on my 2013 450 SXF. The air boot seems to be flanged on both sides (not just the air filter side). So do you just try to push the flange on the air filter side through the plastic as you remove it and then push it through the new plastic as you install? Can't see having to remove the entire air boot and everything connected to it to remove the plastic. But since you have to remove so much other stuff maybe you do. The flange seems pretty flexible but did not want to mangle it so asking for advice.

Any help is very much appreciated.

The airboot has to be compressed on one side and slides out of the airbox/number plate assembly.

You have to remove the subframe to change out the plates. The entire plastic assembly slides off the subframe at the bottom.

You'll definitely get to know the back of the bike when you make the change. :blink:

....and don't take apart any of the fuel injection wiring on top of the sub frame. All you have to do to remove the subframe and airbox quickly is remove the subframe bolts, loosen the hose clamp on the airboot, remove the battery, unbolt the battery housing and unplug the wire from the left side of the battery housing (the left side if your looking at the bike from the rear), slide the battery housing out so it hangs to the side, then push the wiring harness hooks inward, and push the wiring harness up through the center of the subframe which will detach it completely from the subframe, then proceed to pull the subframe off with ease.

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