astar boots

I wear a size 7 in regular shoe, should i order a size 7 for alpinestar tech 3's or do they run big or small?

It's better to try before you buy

I wear an 11 shoe but i have had size 10 tech 10s since late 2009.

Hey man. I had some alpinestars tech 3s for not even one full season. They got absolutely shredded. If I could do it all over again, I would buy some Gearnes of a similar price. I had a strap get torn off of the boot carcass, holes all over the boots, the soles are torn up to hell, the buckles are a real pain in the ass compared to Gearnes, and they take forever to break in.

I am just telling you this now because I wish somebody had told me to avoid alpinestars. I ordered some Sidi Crossfires and they could be at my house today. Im pumped and I wish I would have done it a long time ago. But seriously, Gearne GX-1s are better than the alpinestars and they cost a less... They are more durable, more comfortable, and the buckles work better. Believe me, you get sick of dealing with buckles that you have to get off with a screwdriver and wd-40 every time.. Its THAT bad with my alpinestars. Ill probably never buy another alpinestars boot unless they are 65% off and overnight shipping with a lifetime full-coverage warranty.

My friends Tech 10s are pretty beat up. They have like 20 hours on them and they are not going to last this season. Stock footpegs on his bike too. Their boots simply are made to wear out quickly and suck at life.

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I'm going on my 3rd year on my tech 3's. Try em on first, I wear a 13 in my shoes but i have size 12 boots.

I'm size 12US in Nike and size 12 in the Tech 3's.

Agree that they are shit though. Soles are ok but the back of the boot has holes where it flexes and it lets water and mud in.

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