Rmz 250 2010 suspension help please

Hi I have been struggling to sett my suspension on my rmz 250 2010.....I weigh 15 and half stone 210 lb. with gear on......It's giving me really bad head shake over big breaking bumps and back end side to side...bucker rooing me off the bike nearly....I have had my suspension serviced....my back shock spring is a 5.4...my fronts are standard.....is it my back spring thats too soft? ......what spring settings do i need??.... It's baking my brain this suspension lol.....

You need stiffer springs, something like 48/.50 in front, 5.7/5.8 in back. Set your sag. Bet that will fix your headshake.

I'm 195 and running .47's and 5.7..

Thanks mate.....I have orderd my rear spring...a 5.75 from k tech.....I have rang suzuki they say my fronts are 47 which are stiff standard and are fine for my weight....so I should be good to go :)

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