lets piece together an oil cooler

Guys i think an oil cooler might be wise for my woods bike, plus i think it would be extremely cool. no pun intended. i havent found much on oil coolers for the 250 sxf pre '11

but i did find this cover from austria, and i think this would be the hardest piece to get, the rest could be pieced together. I have emailed them asking price and if it does indeed fit the 250sxf.


has anyone done something like this or have any ideas?


Try to retrofit a Honda XR 400 oil cooler, tidy little bit's of kit wraps around the head tube..

The actual cooler and lines are the easy part. What could I do for a filter cover? If I made one and tapped it for 2 lines would it pump? Or is there something I'm missing that helps pump the oil passed the filter into the line ? And would the filter need to be modified ?

no one knows anything?

If you're having over-heating issues, you have to look at the dynamics of the cooling system first.

These bikes are designed to be ridden at speed, when you don't ride them at speed, there isn't enough air getting through the radiators to keep them cool.

So adding an oil cooler radiator to a motorcycle which can't keep it self cool to begin with, isn't a great idea because you'll have the same issues of not being able to run air through the radiator to keep it cool. You can drop the oil temp slightly by routing it through a radiator, but in my opinion nowhere near enough if you aren't moving fast enough to push the air through them.

The other solution is to have a radiator company build you a heat exchanger radiator. This is wildly used in other motorcycle's and what it does is basically route oil and coolant in the same radiator, so the coolant actually helps keep the oil cool. Its a clever idea and it saves space/weight because you don't need an oil specific radiator.

The best solution is to wire up a small fan to one of your radiators to help push more air through them.

Finally, high compression and lean fueling conditions promote higher temperature operation. If you were to run the motor a bit richer, that will help keep things cooler.

i dont have a cooling issue as of yet. but i am planning on racing the whole HS series, and the summer heat, plus caked on mud, plus clutch abuse i thought it would be a cool idea/project

It may, but the complexity of trying to make it work and adding a failure point, isn't a great idea. I bet you the bike works fine. ;)

I didn't find the j27 unit on my first search. They make one that's 250$. Might be the route to go

Did anything ever come of your oil cooler quest? I too am interested in an oil cooler for my 2009 450XCF and just started looking but haven't found anything. 

most company,s who make oil cooler kit (twin air do) working from the oil filter cover , and this is the way i hate . i made one ,s a kit working from the return pump (just like t older models harley-davidson do) this is the savest way . working from the filtercover is in the presure line and one little leak and you presure is gone , just like your engine . working from the return pump is the best way . when you have a little leak the engine have still oil presure until all oil is out .

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