What exactly do they do and are they solid? How many of you guys are running them and do you like them? Thanks guys!

im running pro tapers and i love them! have tag on my banshee but i like the pro tapers way better

Yeah, I had Pro Taper's on my old RMZ450 and my old TRX450R and now that I think about it they were really good bars.

I been wanting them also but haven't coughed up the $$. 300+ clams is serious doe for some bars.

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I have the Fasst Flexx bars on my Predator. The previous owner installed them, so I can't tell you what kind of difference they have made. However, they do reduce some of the high frequency vibes and oscillations caused by rippled terrain that the suspension doesn't dampen. I haven't noticed any looseness in the handling due to the bars though. In fact while riding they feel the same as regular bars.

i couldnt force myself to spend $300 on them bars if i even wanted them in the first place thats just crazy

A couple of people I know have them on their 500s. According to them, the bars are the shizz and they're worth every penny. I'll be forking out the cash for some when I can.

I have a new pair for my 2012 KTM 250. My first real ride with them was the Pipestone AMA XC race. I had no arm pump or numb hands the whole race! I did fall on a granite boulder hard and the bars held up while the Cycra hand guards gave up. I still have both of the red rubber inserts in and may switch to yellow for the push side as I am told its the hot set up. The next day after my race my hands were fresh and arms felt good or I didnt feel beat up. I would have to say they do work well and would help reduce impact to your body. I ride Senior A class so I am old enough to know pain quite well. I have another race coming up this weekend at the Rock Pile a 100 mile enduro. If still alive after I will report on the bars again.


I wish I had some for my Son. Every time he gets the lead in a MX he over jumps, couple weeks ago he jammed his wrist...we were pretty worried but he gathered himself and went back out for the win in Moto 2. That has to be tough on a 10 year old...I was very proud needless to say.

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