Kx 125 power vavle ? Please help lol

Hi there working on my wife's 125 ... Got the power vavle linkage case off on the right side( if u where sittin on it.) the linkage hooks to a long pin that controls power valves. First off when I took case off . There was a puddle of oil , seem to b coming from pin . Maybe seal . Also should that pin have play able to slide in and out a little bit.?????

1978 KX125's don't have powervalves.

2005 kx 125

Oil is normal there. Some worse than others. Ours has a brand new seal in it and 2 rides later it was spoogin'.

IDK, I may have put the damn thing in backwards.

Anyhoo, it will have just a very slight amount of side-to-side play. If it has alot, then the screw holding the valves to the rod came out. Not uncommon when no threadlocker is used.

Ok kool thanx a lot.

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