Anyone thinking of using Smart Performance with Dave Johnson read this...

I contacted Dave Johnson from Smart Performance over 9 weeks ago and made the decision to purchase his DIY kit for my new 2013 CRF450. I talked to him on the phone and he explained the kit in great detail, he even included some sample setup sheets. I decided to order right away and have not received anything but excuses on why it hasn't shipped yet. I read of people having similar issues but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt anyways. Well it is 9 weeks later and the latest excuse was he was waiting on a final calculation before he could send it. This was also the excuse 2 weeks prior when he assured me that it would be in the mail the following day. I have around 15 emails and several phone calls back and forth of him continually promising something that he doesn't deliver. This in itself is the main reason I'm going a different direction. I find it baffling that a guy who has been doing this for years has not figured out fixing simple things like answering phones, having a functional website, setting customer expectations, etc..

Obviously I'm a little pissed and I hate writing these kinds of posts but I feel obligated to pass this along my experience.

Yea, I had the same problem, screw that. Ill just give my money to someone else


If you're still interested in using his product then you should contact one of his installers here on the forum or off his website. You'll get better customer service.

Give Tapio at rci a call. He will sell you a kit and is fast. Good stuff!

Seems to be a common theme with this guy

I ordered a phase 4 kit about 3 weeks ago. Talked with Dave on the phone and got the order details all squared away, including payment info. I asked when he though he would send it out and he replied that he was busy and would have is out in 3-5 days. I call back a week later and he wasn't near his computer to check the order. He says he'll call me back later that day to confirm.

It's been a week and half since the last call. I haven't received payment record so I guess I'm not out much. Just disappointed nonetheless. I guess I'll go through a local tuner for the kit and see what happens.

same here it just sucks his stuff is so good.

That's what happens when a one man show gets overwhelmed....I did one of his kits for a friend on his cr 250 and he was very happy with the results.

Dave should do what Slavens is doing....not taking appoiments, Jeff said he was over booked and just not taking on any more work...3-4 months out.

At least that way your not making false promises and pissing people off.

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sdi suspension has a mv piston for the psf, maybe you could go down that route if your set on changing pistons.

He did my suspension which took 4weeks or so but I am local. As far as quality it is top notch.

I had a similar experience with him when I sent my forks to him. Took 6 weeks to get them back which is about 4.5 weeks too long IMO. I ordered the DIY kit from him for the rear and got it promptly with excellent phone support when I had questions.

I got a DIY kit(2002 yz250) from Dave last year and he was pretty prompt on getting everything to me, about 5 business days. I have been extremely happy with the way the suspension performs.

BUT last october my dad wanted to get his suspension revalved so I recommended a DIY kit from Dave, I got the same things just a bunch of excuses of waiting on things, he will call me the next day(never did), its supposed to be leaving in the next couple days(still didnt). I waited until mid december until finally calling Dave and just telling him to cancel the order. So with my Dad's bike we are going to go to TBT racing to be doing the suspension.

I have been extremely impressed with the way that my suspension performs, and would have no problem using Dave again IF there wasnt this issue of never getting the DIY kits.

Give Tapio at rci a call. He will sell you a kit and is fast. Good stuff!

Yep. Rci is very good stuff.

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