problem when bike gets wet

Hey guys on my '02 250 i'm having a problem after the bike gets wet. I'm not sure where the problem is. wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms.

Basically the bike runs fine, I went out for a moto and got really muddy, had to hose the bike off in between motos. Go out for 2nd moto. Bike is running fine. About 1.5 laps into race it sputters and almost dies every time i give it more than 1/8 throttle.

This is not the first time it happened, one time i took it to a car wash after riding and it ran like this afterward.

The next day i go out in the shed, it fires up and runs fine after airing out for a day.

Now i would think if water got in the carb somehow, the problem would not go away until i drained the gas out. this is not the case.

Could the CDI connector or one of those other connectors getting wet cause these problems? I just think its weird because it runs, just not good when its wet. and the other weird thing was that it ran ok after washing for a few minutes before the symtoms started.

I have read posts by Jeekinz saying to put di electric grease on the connectors. I am going to do that, but i figured it would not run at all if this was wet? just wondering if anyone knows exactly what could be causing this as i seem to get the same problem whenever i wash it.

If you are sure you are not getting excessive water through the intake via the airbox, then I'd check all connectors & CDI. If you know someone with a CDI that will work on your bike, try it under similar conditions. I'd start simple...Check the little drain at bottom of airbox, and make sure water isn't pooling up & getting sucked through the filter.

And the plug wire and boot.

My 2000 did the same thing. After washing the bike, or splashing through deep water on the trails. Mine acted like it was misfiring badly after 1/4 throttle.

It is most likely water getting into the electrical connectors.

I used dielectric grease on all my fittings, including the spark plug boot.

I don't have that problem anymore.

Try that first. A tube of grease costs about $5 and it only takes 10 min.

I am not sure why, but those L-series bikes seem to have that same problem.

Dielectric grease all the things and make sure your not getting water into the stator.

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