04 rmz250 hissing

Recently rebuilt my carb. Sonic cleaned, new jets/rubbers. Got an extended fuel mixture screw. Good move. Bike starts way easier now with full choke. But I noticed when I kick and it doesn't fire. The motor lets out a "sssshhhhhhh" if you push kick starter slowly it hisses every time after a full kick down. Valves? Also, once and for all, what is the stock settings for this carb? Mainly the fuel screw.

Found out what it was. on the left side cover the smaller of two bolt, the one you look into to find TDC....it was coming loose. There is no cap on it, never had one. And i'm not sure if it ever had an oring in it, so I used RTV. This time I used gas/oil seal all. I figured its cheap enough to refresh every ride. Crankcase pressure was venting out the leak. Im going to get a schematic of what it looks like and get it right partswise.

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