Would you try to fix this?

Just noticed a dent on my front rim.

I did not feel it in the very little riding I did. Should I try to fix or just ride like that? What's the worst can happen? RIM front.JPG


I've seen a lot worse. As long as you're not having problems keeping the bead of the tire on I wouldn't bother with it as you just end up weakening the rim most cases when you will try to fix.

I can't say that I did any real riding on it yet, but I will definitely keep an eye on it. I know that I loose air on that tire, but that shouldn't be related in any way. I think.

It could most certainly be related to that. Spray some soapy water and check if you have a slow leak there.

Why would the leak be from over there? I do have an inner tube...I will try the soapy water anyway, hx

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