What's the better plan?

Looking for some opinions here. I have an 03 drz400e that i would like to make into a supermoto or should I sell it and buy a 400sm and do the "e" model upgrades to. Seems like cost would be about the same. My "e" model has very few hours on it and has already been made street legal. I'm in the Denver area so SSW is available for tuning and other needs that may come up. Is the "sm" suspension worth it? Thoughts?

only person who can really answer that would be you. that suzuki is bullet proof, you might just do the math and see what quality suspension work would cost, along w anything else you want to do, the math usually helps you figure out which way to go.

you are right but i hope that in case he would revalve his suspension it will be better than a drz sm suspension behaviour!


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