Anyone else not install the air filter tight? Full rebuild now:)

Then it falls off in the air box, then you burn the bike down? Just wondering if I am the only one to do this? I bought a Loudmouth intake system, new ER 295 cylinder and head. (thanks Corndog) New crank and rod. During tear found that my water pump seal was leaking, so I ended up getting a new shaft seal and bearings. I was already running a 51 tooth rear sprocket, so I went a 15 tooth cs. New chain, and went with JD jetting kit with #8 slide.

Some pictures for you guys.

New 295 kit




Motor out




The crank and cylinder and head were all ok, cylinder needs to be honed out but in great shape. I figured replace it all now and not mess with it again later. Got the cases split


At some point in this bikes life it had a major explosion lol.


Brand new OEM fuel tank. With New graphics.



Im putting it together soon so I will update the post with any problems.:)

bad luck there buddy. Im excited to hear about ur 295, what was it ported for with what fuel type? everyone in the offroad world loves them. Im more interested in being competetive at the track against 450s. keep us posted and thanks for sharing.

thanks for sharing

So what happened? Ran very lean once the filter fell off?

Yea went lean and squeaked the piston.

I am using the low to mid port.

I'm keen to hear what you think of the low-mid EG porting in a 295 kit. I thinking of going for the same thing. Seeking good low end for technical trails and hill climbs, but I also want enough width to the power so that with the right final gearing I'm not shifting too much on MX tracks.

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How does one install the filter wrong? Upside down? The threads that hold the filter bolt on all my bikes are gunked up with filter oil, acting as a thread locker :smirk:

Kgmx, I agree, the filter bolt thread feels like it has permanent locitie on it, and actually gets too stiff after a while and needs a clean.

I think it's pretty common for people to do up the air filter bolt too tight. which achieves nothing except for gradual deformation of the filter cage, when then lifts on some points and does not seal correctly.

Over the years on my bikes, I've been real careful to ensure the filter goes on right, then I've always nipped it up lightly, and every single time I have to literally peel the filter foam base lips off the airbox. So I've never understood the need for greasing the base either.

Mine fell off one time. I could tell right away as the leanness made it start bogging out of corners. Luckily it happened with only a few more corners left in the last moto of the day so no harm.

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