need some advice on rear brake switch

does anyone here run with just the front brake sensor?

my brake light fried itself after years of dirt riding the wires were rubbing on the frame and eventually melted. I removed the rear tail light and the wires that came with it that melted. I then bought the new DRC edge 2 light. (great product). after installing i was unable to get the rear to release from its brightest setting.

i checked my rear sensor and followed the wires under the motor up to the radiator and found that the wires had also fried at the connection point. It fried past the connectors all way to about 2 inches short of the wiring harness main line.

I then cleaned up the wires and when they are not crossed, my front brake works to control the light properly. rather than replace the rear brake switch is it suitable to ride with just the front working ok? anyone done this and have any issues? Also anyone happen to know what gauge of wire i would need if i decided to re wire ?

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18 gage wire is fine for rewire. A front switch only is also fine assuming you are in the habit of using the front brake. It is not strictly legal and you lack any back up if the front fails.

Because of interference fitting a hydraulic switch to the rear for a dual sport kit for an E, some times only a front hydraulic switch is used. I did that but the front hydraulic switch was short life so I went with rear mechanical only. Took a bit of adapting, The E does not have the tab on the brake lever to operate a switch.

You have a mechanical front switch. They last OK and are easy to replace if they fail.

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