Shokout or flex grip?

Does anyone know which product is better, the boyesen flex grip or the shokout system? I'm wondering why boyesen has two separate products that both accomplish the same thing, maybe cost difference? Any input is appreciated.

correct me if i'm wrong but isn't the shokout the actual throttle assembly as the flex grip is just a lock on system for the left side of your handlebar?

Oddly enough, the product called shokout was actually introduced in 2001 and called the flexgrip. It appears the difference is the adjustability from the different density inserts on the shokout. I had one on my 2001 wr and loved it. I rode rocks a lot and the softest inserts pleased my wrist. Good product

I found boyesens website and they are two different products. There is a significant price difference in the two. I guess one has adjustable inserts and one doesn't. Wondering if the high dollars adjustable one is worth the extra expense?

Bump, any more reviews?

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