2009 kx450f no spark

alright so heres the story.

I recently bought a 2009 kx450f for a bargain. the previous owner didnt seem to take care of it that well and the motor went bang on him. he had the whole motor rebuilt (piston, rings, crank, rod, etc.) a few months before i bought it. i rode it a few times at the track and eveything ran perfect. after a weekend of riding i pressure washed it at my house and rode it up and down my block to dry it off. went to start it about 30 minutes later and had nothing for several kicks. then the motor locked up. we then realized that the timing jumped several teeth. we reset the timing and still nothing. checked for spark and nothing. began trouble shooting according to the service manual and ended up replacing the coil and regulator, and still no spark. had it checked at a kawi dealer for trouble codes and they found none. the stator resistance checks out normal, but im suspecting maybe a bad flywheel? im not really sure please help!!

Im not sure about the flywheel beeing bad, tha is only a magnet that helps generat the juice. you have an actual electrical issue. Get a new plug, clean and dry the put dielectric grease in all the connectors(keep the water out). if you already replaced the coil and regulator i would say that have a bad stator. maybe pull of the mag cover and clean the stator and magnet off.

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