need some help with a part

hello there. i am new to this place and will start off by asking for hejp finding a part. i dropped my bike and the bracket that holds the choke lever, clutch lever and mirror broke. i have looked all over and cant seem to find the right part.i can find em for just the clutch but since I have the xr650l, i need it to hold the clutch lever, mirror and choke lever. i am going to attach a few pics. hopefully you guys can help me out.would this be easy to fix?it looks like it is.its a 2008 xr650l.


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And get the lower piece



Just in case the lower is tweeked too........


Ok thankyou. So it looks like I just pull that bolt out, take out the clutch and choke levers and put them in the new bracket, tighten it down and mount it? From the one pic that I could find online of that part(which I just ordered) I dont see where the choke lever would go but it is a bad pic. Also forgot to mention that I have aftermarket renthal bars. Hope that doesnt matter.its a used bike so i really dont know much about it

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