Size difference between astars and gaerne boots

Right now I have some alpinestars tech 7. I'm looking at getting the sg12 but I wasn't sure what size I should order. My tech 7's are size ten so should I get the same size or does the sg12 run a little bigger or something? Thanks for the help in advance.

I went from tech 6 to SG10s at the end of last season. both were the same size and I did not have any issues. the Gaerne's are definitely more comfortable, but they are also heavier. well not b be disappointed.

I emailed Garene recently about this. I wear AStar tech 8 in size 13 (street shoe also 13) and they said if I was 12.5 to get a 12, but for a solid 13 to get a 1 because 12 would be too small. I have the 13 ad they fit perfect.

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