Question for BahaTrailRider

BTR, I've been searching the web for answers to my 250's fork woes and I've come to learn from various posts of your's that I am in need of a XR400 fork swap.

Your Quote: "The rocks out here are on every trail we ride,and thats where the conv fork rules" really caught my attention. My riding ground are endelss rocky single track.

I'm sure you recall my thread:

I've found these various posts that give me a great deal of the answers I'm looking for:

My question to you is: If I am going to do this swap, will i need to reweld the stop tabs on the frame?

I've already found a good set of forks, triple clamps, and stem on ebay. Then it seems i will need to either get a 400 front hub or entire front wheel and axle. Additionally, I will need to get the speedometer drive gear and spacer.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Is there any other useful information you can provide me with?

I have a good feeling this swap is in need of a detailed write up with pictures ;) .....unless there already is one?


Your XR uses 6202 bearings (15x35x11), the XR400 uses 6003 (17x35x10), so put 6003 bearings in your 250 wheel (same OD) to suit the 17mm XR400 axle.

Thanks Chuck! That sounds easy enough. I needed new front bearings and seals anyway.

Aren't there spacers up front as well? Will the 250, or 400 spacers be used?

Aren't there spacers up front as well? Will the 250, or 400 spacers be used?

Will need to use the 400 spacers (all three) and dust seals

I replaced my 1997 xr250r forks with 1998 xr400 forks. The install dropped right in, no problems, no hassle. One thing that was made easier was that I purchased a whole front end: forks, triples, wheel, axle, spacers, speedo.

Concerning steering stops, I never added anything for that. I get way more turning radius out of this set up but the triples stop on the frame before it's too tight. Two years of riding it like this with some hard get-offs and no problems.

XR400 forks on a 250 is plug and play easy to install.

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