chain and sprockets, what brand to use?

i have a 2008 drz400s with one link removed from chain to make it last longer. there are soooo many choices/PRICES on what to use. how do i know what is better? shopping local is good for the economy, but price really matters on a fixed income. prices range from $50 to $250, how to know?

I use Renthal but im a bit biased as they help me out a lot this past couple years. Its a great product though. I got pretty good life out of the o-ring chain and aluminum sprocket. I have a friend who use pro taper and likes them. DID is worth a mention as well. Pretty much name brands would do you well.

its a drz, renthal and protaper, tag etc big waste of money on that bike. go steel sprockets, o/x ring chain and it will last years.

Don't waste your time with aluminum. list your local options you have found.

iasked the same question couple of weeks ago and the one i chose is ironman sprocket with a gold x ring chain, they said that the ironman and last more than 100 hours

Ironman sprocket + o ring chain lasted for more than 2 years on a kx250 i had, i sold it with it still on and i believe that the new owner hasn´t changed it yet.

. I rode 1-2 times a week when i had it.

Recently i bought a supersprox and a o ring chain have been using it for 6 months no problemo.

The best part is that you dont need to be constantly stretching the chain.

Supersprox are the best and there made in the USA

+1 for the Supersprox. I picked one up for my KTM 450 about 8 months ago along with a DID O-ring chain. I've hammered on the thing and it has zero signs of ware. Yes it is one of the more expensive options. To be honest as long as you keep your chain clean and lubed most of the options out there will last a good long time. As adam8781 pointed out... on your drz there is no real point in going with an aluminum sprocket. A steel sprocket will last for a really long time and is the best bang for the buck.

For nearly a year I've been using a Primary Drive steel sprocket and oring chain combo set from I sitll haven't had to do an adjustment although I will before long. It's your money so spend what you want but for most riders, these combos will be fine. You get both steel sprockets and a oring chain for $75.00.

I like RK's top of the line X-ring chain along with Renthal counter shaft sprockets and whatever cheap steel rear sprocket I can find (currently Primary Gear).

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