Oil funny color

Hey guys, just changes the seals, and bearings in my counter balancer and water pump. I just put rottella 15w40 in it along wih honda coolant. Just started it up and looked through the oils glass while t was runnig,I let it idle about 1 minute or less and the oil looked almost milky, not golden. Any ideas? Is this normal? I can't say I ever paid attention to the oil color when it's running before. Since I just got it and all..

The oil before I changed it never did this, So I may just not be use to the clean looking oil. The only problem I had previously was leaking of the weep hole by the water pump.

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Also: With the transmission I think I poured around .6l but im not 100percent sure. What is a way to check my transmisison oil level?

I have an 02 with a similar oil issue (see thread in list here with pics). I have no idea either. Mine looks dark green with a little slight light swarel string in it. I am going to re torque my head and do several warm-up and dump oil changes before putting fully synthetic Ams Oil back in. On the tranny, there should be a check screw to take out on that side. I simply fill until it starts to weap out, them pour a slight bit more and call it good. Hope this helps!

Is the check screw a Philips head? Or a Allen wrench key

Never mind after some more research I found it, and my oil looked funny because it was circulating I guess. After I let it set, I looked and the oil looked fine, also I still have all my radiator fluid.

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