YZ exhausts

Does anyone know which years of YZ exhaust silencers are compatible with a 2001 WR426?

I am running a '01 yz426 exhaust on my '01 wr right now. The performance is great, but it is noisy and there is no spark arrestor. I would be willing to trade if you are interested. I do a lot of forest riding and need the spark arrestor and the quiet option.



I want to keep my WR exhaust and get a YZ exhaust as well.

I should have been more specific and asked if a 1999 YZ400 silencer will fit on a 2001 WR426?

No you cant have mine. :) it makes a nice ornament hanging on the wall of my garage / shed.

But I think that it will fit your bike. I know that the newer Wr silencers will fit my 99 yz400 so I imagine the opposite would be true also.

00-02 Will fit perfectly, don't know about 99. I have a 01 on my 02 with the PMB spark arrestor and am very happy with it.

Will a '01-'02 YZF Silencer work with a '02 WR header?

Will a '01-'02 YZF Silencer work with a '02 WR header?

Yes, I am running an 01 YZF Silencer with my stock 02 head pipe.

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