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crf 450r supermoto build help

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Okay so i just bought a 04 crf450r not to long ago with planes on making it supermoto. but i have no clue where to start? so any suggestions on where to start and best parts to get ect.. would be very helpfull :)

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wheels, warp 9 and several others, bachmans ... brake upgrade to a 320 MM catch tank, safety wire the drain and fill plugs... shorten the suspension travel, you might want to lower the whole bike too I did, best thing i didi to mine.

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What about rear sprocket size? I have heard that you wanna go with a smaller size if your putting it on the street

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depends on

1. your level

2. your money

if you want to start racing forget convertinh your bike! if you just want to have fun un weekends buy a used but good complete supermoto!

if you wanna convert your crf just for the fun of building a supermoto, go for what your inconme allows you to...

make sure everything on your bike works fine and is in good shape, fork oil, linkage...etc

go for excel,did,alpina ore marchesini wheels and forget the rest!

front rim you can decide between 17" or 16.5" which the pro level reqire cause of the more self damping effect on the wheel so if you can go for 16.5"

rear not smaler than 5" !!!

5.5 will only fit if you are lucky or get a suter swingarm or modify the standard swingarm so forget it and buy a 5"


you can decide between axial(standard mount) or radial caliper with adapter or radial fork legs(expensive) a very good solution is the beringer kit! even sylvain bidart ( 7times french champion) uses the kit ( 6 piston caliper 310 disc and their brake pump

forget your standard caliper even with the best disc it wont be enough...


start with stock set it as stiff as possible better riders will help you with this

sag should be 20mm

lower the forks from the triple clamp

set your chain as short as possible

try 13 48 or 49 if you have a shorter track

if you want a race prep suspension you have to revalve it maybe you will need stiffer fork springs, next step would be triple clamps with 14 to 16 offset go for xtrig ( the best is nuova faor cause you can change angle easily)

next step go for an anti hopping clutch. i recomend suter with 80 nm spring but if you are a beginner start with standart clutch to get to know the feeling for a "hopping" tire and why you can forget using your rear brake in most cases!!!

motor: keep it standard until you can use its powerband for a 99 precent...

other stuff:

handguards,peg sliders,safety wireing etc

i hope that this helps!


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