Looking at buying a dr650

I am going to look at a 2006 dr650se with 13000 miles on it. I am new to the dr's I have ridden dirt bikes for 6 years, my current bike now is a 2009 yz450f, I am looking to get another bike to coumte to work and maybe hit the forest roads with. I was wondering what to look for and is 13k miles high for this bike.

13000 miles isn't much at all for a DR650. I already have near 7000 miles on my DR I bought new just over 6 months ago and will have more than 13k miles by the end of the first year. Plenty of DR's around with over 60,000 miles and still running strong! The only thing I'd be checking for is the usual signs of potential neglect. If it has a good service history and the owner is legit I don't see anything particular that needs special attention on a DR. Ride it. Make sure gears shift smooth,The engine runs smooth. BTW if it is stock don't be surprised if it backfires a little on deceleration particularly downhill. Typical of a stock DR650. As a commuter I think the DR is hard to beat. good luck

if it is stock dont be surprised that its tame and well mannered. that can be fixed very easily! 13000 is nothing for that engine though

Look to see if it still has the upper chain roller bolted to the frame. If it does and has wear marks on it from the chain look at the frame closely where it mounts to the frame. It is not uncommon for the chain roller to get ripped off the frame taking part of the frame with it. If the roller is still there and the frame is intact remove the roller and plug the threaded hole in the frame with a 8mm x 1.25 set screw with some loctite to plug off the threaded hole. Do not use a hex bolt to do this, the bolt head will make contact with the pins of the chain and damage the chain. A set screw is best because it will be flush with the threaded hole.

Here's everything you will need to know...






You can leave that hole open after removing the top roller because the frame has a couple drain holes out the bottom. IF that bugs you you can use one of those flush plastic push hole fillers from the auto part store with some silicon.

You'll need to keep an open mind when you ride the dr.

Its a snell compared to yer 450,but it is smooth and still alotta fun to ride..

DR is a great bike. I have dirt bikes as well and wouldn't think of using even one of my plated ones to commute. The DR has smooth power delivery and handles well on the road and off. Stock you should get close to 60MPG but if you uncork the bike (intake and exhaust mods) and add a pumper carb your mileage will drop to mid 40s. Mine is an 09 with 37K that I've modified it quite. I've had no issues with the bike at all. There are some on this forum that have 80K

This video shows all the benfiets of owning a dr


This video shows all the benfiets of owning a dr

can't argue with any of that! :ride:

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