Suspension clickers question

This will sound stupid, but whatever, I need to know.

I have a 13 CRF 450 and I feel the suspension is a little soft for me. I like how the bike tracks, it's just a little soft.

How do I adjust the clickers to give me the same performance, just not bottom out on the landings.i also had some harshness is the forks when I came up on some downhill braking bumps. I usually have FC revalve my suspension for my riding ability and weight. I will send off the suspension this winter, but I am running stock for now.

Need a little guidance...

What's your weight? What air pressure in forks? FC did my 13 and it feels awesome as I have come to expect from prior bikes.

There is great guidance in the Suspension "How To" section. The 2013 has pretty good suspension stock. With the air forks you can easily change your spring rate. Read the suspension How To's a few times and you will begin to understand what it is doing and how to correct any problems.

my guess is you are not running enough air in the front fork causing bottoming and to ride low in the stroke causing harshness. dont get stuck on say 33 psi, try different pressures to feel what is right for you, all guages will not read the same, so your 33 might be 31-32 or 34-35, you need to find the # that works for you on your guage. just my 2 cents.

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