Mammoth trail


Alright. Been riding mammoth for long time and I love it for what it is, however I have a trail question. What is the deal with the very last trail. Not sure the name, but if u start at the parking lot and head right on the main trail u eventually hit it. Question is: when u hit the top the trail it just ends now? They put that "one way" sign at the top where the trail continues in the opposite direction. So, I have to just turn around now? Lame! Anyone know what I'm talking about??

I know that "one way" signs been there for awhile now, I now just have a forum to ask. Thanks.

If its the trail that im thinking about, then yea, you have to turn around. Does it end with a gate at the very top? If you want, you can go the wrong way on the 1 way trail and connect to grizzly trail. The one way connector trail isnt very long.

Yea, they want you to turn around and go back down the hill. I have cheated the one-way and gone down Grizzly as garet mentioned. But after a near head on I have not done it since. That sign at the top just went up a year or 2 ago.

Ya. The trail with the green gate at the top. I've gone the opposite direction too and luckily I haven't seen anybody. I was kinda hoping to get a reply that there is a new trail there and I just didn't see it.

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