Clutch issues

2001 400s, just hit 20,000 miles and the clutch started to slip here and there under power. I replaced the complete clutch kit with a KG factory kit(springs, frictions, and steels). Clutch still slips here and there. I think I have the lever adjusted properly but it flops up and down almost a half inch and is just crappy.

Now it seems no matter how I adjust the new clutch it slips a little. What's the recommended break in procedure and is it normal that a new clutch slips here and there?

Should not slip at all. When you replaced the complete clutch pack, did you remove the judder sprigs? Or did the new clutch come with 2 odd plates to fit over the judder springs? (the 2 big washer like things that go in before the clutch plates)

No I did not replace these springs, nor did I remove them.

Do you have freeplay at the lever? if you are not sure if it is adjusted properly put some slack in the cable and then test it.

Its not jumping out of gear is it?

The point is should you have removed them. Not all after market clutch kits work with the judder springs. If you did not remove the judder spring and the new clutch kit does not have room for them, they have to be removed.

No it's not jumping out of gear, I can clutch up wheelies without any problem. Only slips,under a heavy load, and not all the time.

And yes I have about the thickness of a dime at the lever.

You never really answered the diagnostic questions asked.. Kind of hard to assist if you cant or won't help with responses to your questions.

What is the part number to the KG factory kit you installed?

If you installed a OEM replacement type clutch, did you install the larger ID drive disk over the anti judder springs (# 13,14 below) you say you did not remove?

Did you not remove them or were they not there at all?.. Asked because, a previous tech or owner may have already removed them.

What oil are you using?

You say you have free play at the lever.. Good.. Is the cable moving freely?

Did you remove the clutch release arm from the clutch release cam shaft? If so, did you get it reinstalled correctly, punch marking dots aligned?


No it's not jumping out of gear, I can clutch up wheelies without any problem. Only slips,under a heavy load, and not all the time.

And yes I have about the thickness of a dime at the lever.

Of note, the KG clutch appears to NOT USE the factory anti judder springs.. the KG site indicates the need to purchase 7 identical friction disks (drive disks) if the KG clutch was an OEM replacement type, they would need to supply ONE different friction disk, to go over the anti judder springs.

Ok how I did the clutch, pulled the cover, pulled the 6allens, retains, and springs. Then the cover, slid out the frictions and steels and replaced in the same order. I did not see the judder springs, nor really look for them.

Oil is castrol 4t 20w50. Kg part number is kg6006s. And I was wrong, the clutch lever has about the thickness of a nickel before you feel it get heavier. Cable seems to move freely. Also the kit didn't have any instructions so I don't know if I need to remove the judder springs or not.

Any thing else I can try to answer?

Judder springs are always an option even in the stock clutch. That is they are not needed. Take the clutch apart again, remove all the steel and fiber plates. Look in the clutch and find 2 large washer things - remove. Then reinstall the clutch.

Did you soak the new friction plates in oil first?

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Ok maybe tomorrow after work I will have time to pull the clutch and the judder springs.

Yes I let the frictions soak in oil for over 24 hours. And used the same oil that I use in my bike.

Pulled the clutch apart and removed the judder springs and went down the block and back. Clutch feels better like its engaging better then ever. I'll ride to work tomorrow and we will see how it is from there.

Thanks guys

Removed the judder springs and so far no more slipping. I'll update later in a week or so.

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