2005 RMZ 450 hard to kick?

My RMZ recently started to stall allot and got worse to the point that it won't start and it will barely kick over. I'm thinking it needs a new top end any ideas of what it could be? Anything I could check without tearing into it? Compression test maybe?

sounds like you need a top end buddy, just buck up and do it. I have heard of the kick start idler gear binding up but i dont think thats your situation

That's what I was thinking. My question is that where it is trying to seize up do you think it will need bored out? Can you? Can you get a piston the right size after it is bored out?

its a nicasil plated cylinder, you would get it replated not bored. and you wont know till you open it up. replating costs around $250 depending on where you send it. if your cylinder is toast and you dont want to spend the money to get it replated i have an extra 2006 cylinder thats in good shape i'd sell you. if your cylinder is still in good shape you might be able to get away with deglazing the cylinder and throwing a new piston in it, but as i said, you wont know untill you open it up.

Very good to know. What is deglazing? I'll have to tear into it and we'll see how it looks. Thanks for the info!

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