2006 RM 250 4 Speed?

I just purchased a 2006 RM 250 for a great woods weapon... I ride mostly single track and ride fire roads between... Cruizing along a fire road last weekend i go to pound it out in 4th, go to shift to 5th and nothing is there, not neutral, no grinding, just not going into 5th... This Bike was a MX freestyle bike before i got it but the guy i got it from doesn't really know anything about it... as i don't either.. anybody ever heard of a 2006 RM 250 with a 4 speed tranny..? maybe from a RMZ or anything.. I hate to split that case and go through all that... i may just ride it out i don't use 5th too often... what do you guys think?

Check again, should be 5 speed.

I ran a 48T on mine, worked great everywhere for me, even in the desert.

Its a 5 speed, something is blocking the shift drum from moving.

5 speed

does it try to shift up from 4th or does it not move?`some thing wrong in there

could be they got rid of the 5th gear

it sure is possible, they did it on the ktm 550 2strokers cause they put these engines in side-cars

you never needed 5th, had one myself and 5th was replaced by just a spacer

the reason? no idea, but they al did it

Not trying to be a wise ass, but are you shifting down to go into first before upshifting? I saw you have 2 posts, are you an experienced rider?

^ I wondered the same thing. 1 downshift then 4 up shifts :ride:

hahhaha everyone whom i have spoke to about this asked the same shifting question.... I make sure the gear shifter is all the way down and click to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and go to put in 5th and doesn't go up period... I know the RMZ has a 4 speed and the guy before was a freestyle jumper so i thought maybe he did something with the tranny... I don't ever use 1st mostly ride 3rd and 4th through rolling single track then 2nd through the tight stuff... Very odd... Do I split the case for the 1st time on a 2 stroke and see what i can do or do i just ride without 5th... kinda a pain in the ass cruizing on the fire roads.....

When you try to select 5th gear does the lever move?, or does it only have freedom going down back into 3rd (from 4th gear)?

If it goes stiff when you try to shift into 5th gear, pull the clutch cover and check the shifter mechanism (it's partly hidden by the clutch basket), and just make sure that everything is there and that it hasn't been modified.

The parts to the left and including #21 can be seen just by pulling the clutch cover. If part #21 was modified it could prevent you from shifting into 5th.


your very thorough zig good job :applause:

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