My new 2013 KX250F

Bought new on Tuesday and took to night org practice. guess you could say that i did a mini heat cycle. About 15 min rounds and 45 min. in between rides. So I rode It maybe for little over an hour total. Started out slow first ride, then increased rpms throughout the 4 rounds, but never really overdid it. Changed the oil today and put new notoil air filter on. Plan to ride at track again tomorrow and give er hell. Now to my impressions. Don't have much time, but will update again. I frekin love this thing. Feels like a cadillac compared to my 02 yz250, ha! Just need to dial in the suspension a little softer, could really feel some of those braking bumps when I was slowing down in corners. The 13 straight up rips. This is my 1st 4 stroke. I can tell that I am much faster, just have to get used to engine braking and bottom end, lol. I was easily clearing jumps that I could not and just did not have confidence to do. Track that I'm going to tomorrow is going to be awesome. I'm freking amped. Nothing that I dont love bout this bike!

Cool to hear...congrats!

suspsension will soften somewhat as it breaks in.

Cool to hear...congrats!

Thanks. STraight up beast! And I don't know what the noise complaints are all about. Just sounds MEAN!

suspsension will soften somewhat as it breaks in.

Good deal.

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