09 CRF450x Exhaust valves

I need to replace both exhaust valves on an 09 450x, are the stock valves steel or titanium?


They are a composite of steel and stainless steel.

Why do they need replacement??

The piston hit them.

Why ?

Well you know, one of those long sad stories.....this is actually my buddie's bike and we were doing the Desert 100, at about mile 75 or so his engine seized, the drain bolt fell out. Our best guess since he made it that far is he must have hit a rock just right (no skid plate). The rings broke and the piston got a little sideways and smacked the exhaust valves. He gets to replace lots of parts now.

Dang ... That's Nasty .

Yep, they only good thing I can say about the whole thing is Honda has designed those engines to minimize the damage from something like that.

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