husky smr 450

what's the worse that could happen if I've never checked my valves and I have 1100 miles on it?

i would suggest you open the wallet and have them checked . and tend to the cam chain tensioner while your at it. more maintence then riding rice, but way more fun... IMHO done a oil change yet ?? You should have at least 2 done on it by now...

lol ' yeah your right about needing to open my wallet, Delamo motor sports charges 275 to check the valves business haven't done it because the bike sounds and runs great. I did 4 oil changes with in the 1100 miles, thanks for the advice

can u please tell me if a power commander will be a night and day difference? I removed the duel exhaust and put a fmf slip on and removed air filter restriction but bike ain't as fast as I think it should be,but when it was stock I swear a moped could keep up with me and was sooo disappointed in my smr

What year is your bike? My '06 SMR 510 has 23,000 mile on the original everything in the engine, don't buy into the idea these bikes are maintenance hogs, I have put way more money into my old XL Hondas. If you have the Husky engine like mine the valve adjustment is a 45 min job at best. $275 is a real stretch.

thanks for that info because I've heard husky engines blow up at 5000 miles but you have 23000 ! so you proved them wrong. mine is 2010 with 1100 miles and have no idea what conditions my valves are in

i suggest you take a trip down to see george at up-tite racing. The Husky guru. get yourself a aluminum Y branch for the cooling system, and have george show you how to do valves. have him do a tune w Ibeat too. derestricting it will help a bunch for performance...

thanks for the heads up ' where's uptight racing? I'm from redondo beach, CA

uptite phone 1-714-540-2920 uptite was the oldest husky dealership for 40 years, he has all the goodies to help them last. off of the 55 in santa ana. ask for george....

oh OK that's not to far from me ' I thought for a moment it was out of state ' thanks for that info! what city do you tear it up in? or track

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