I'm new to mx and need some help

How high should I rev my bike going around the track and is it bad to really wind it and how to I take off after I come off of jumps.

Well what bike have you got, looking at your profile pic you must have a CRF150F, that bike is not designed to be revved fast.

And what do you mean when you say 'how to I take off after I come off of jumps."?

is your bike pulling still? are you going fast enough to clear things? is the bike reacting the right way while riding? these are all things you need to ask yourself before anyone here can answer that. if your bike is pulling you through the obstacles and isn't wanting to go nose high or dropping, then i say you are doing it right. rev limiter is normally a bad thing! long straight aways or really choppy stuff/ whoops go a gear higher then what you feel you should be in on.. let the bike work for you! 4 strokes like mid range to pull you through things. but every bike is a bit diff! just keep paying attention to how the bike is pulling and thats where you should be! key is keeping the drive through whatever you are going through!

not sure if you are doing it right.... do this

go through a section the way you feel you should.....

go through that same section and click it up a gear...

go through that same section and click it down a gear (if you can)...

was it better or worse? now when you answer this... it not sound! its not just speed. how smooth were you too? being smooth means you can do that same thing each time you go through that section! that will make you faster and keep you from making the mistakes! obviously there is a fine line between the speed and smooth. slowing down alot will make you slower so you have to push it a bit.

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In order to get the longest engine life it's best to keep it in the meat of the power most of the time. This means at a RPM range where the engine has good power, usually in the middle of the RPM range. Too low and it doesn't make good power, too high and it also stops making power and it's harder on the engine.

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