Hello Forum! I just have a quick question regarding some FMF pipes. I have a 2003 CR125 and I want to get a new expansion chamber (current one is stock) I also have an FMF Turbine-Core 2. I am stuck between the Fatty "motto" and the SST. I do mostly trail and track riding but I still can't decide. I want some better mid and over rev from the SST but I'm not sure if that is better then the overall power gain from the Regular Fatty. Anyways, what do you guys think would be better the SST or the classic fatty?


Pro circuit..
i would but i already have an fmf silencer and feel like i should match it with the header

I'd keep the stocker and your mid power.

If FMF then I would go with the SST or Gnarly.

I'd go with the fatty. Great for the trail and the track!

I feel like my pro circuit just added more power everywhere, especially down low.

sst is crap, talk to 2 stroke engine gurus, or even google it, dont waste your time with the sst.

fatty, or pc.

If FMF then I would go with the SST or Gnarly.

Gnarly is not made for the 125.

Gnarly is not made for the 125.

Hmmm, did not know that.

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